Castanheira . Siza . hANd

kansong art museum . Daegu

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Carlos Castanheira . Álvaro Siza . hANd + Architects

Extreme care must be taken when exhibiting the Precious.
When we exhibit the Precious, it requires attentiveness in the Design, in the Project and in the Drawing of the Project.
We designed the new Kangsong Museum as something precious, which in turn will display the most precious of Korean Art. Continue reading Castanheira . Siza . hANd


Siza . Castanheira


afasia  Siza . Castanheira. TAIFONG GOLF CLUB TEA HOUSE . Changhua (2)

Álvaro Siza . Carlos Castanheira ARCHITECTS . renders: © Germano Vieira

We don’t need to play golf to design the buildings that are required where it is played.
But it is necessary to have an understanding of the functions, habits, some rules and also the requierments and expectations of the client and the players.

You must visit the site.
With this information the first step in the project is taken. Continue reading Siza . Castanheira


Siza . Castanheira

A chapel in Saya Park

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Álvaro Siza . Carlos Castanheira . photos: © FG+SG | architectural photography . + divisare

Saya Park lacked a chapel.
There were plenty of symbols for meditation and introspection, allowing visitors to experience moments of beauty out in the open.
A space of internal beauty was needed.
The Chapel building tucks into the hillside, opening up to the East and allowing in the light of the new day. Continue reading Siza . Castanheira