Brzoza . Projekt Praga

Sculptor‘s Studio . Warsaw

© Jakub Certowicz

Piotr Brzoza Architekten . Projekt Praga . photos: © Jakub Certowicz . © Karolina Tunajek

Paweł Althamer is one of the most renowned Polish contemporary artists. He is internationally acclaimed for his highly conceptual works: sculptures, performances, installations and video art. Ever growing number of projects and exhibitions have forced him to expand his family atelier in Warsaw (shared with his father and brother). The initial idea of the client was to create a place, where the two generations of the family can work and spend time together, though maintaining the independency of everyones own personality and work-style. Continue reading Brzoza . Projekt Praga


Brzoza . Kwietowicz

House with art studio . Warsaw

Piotr Brzoza . Marcin Kwietowicz . photos: © Juliusz Sokolowski . + East-CentricArch

As we began working on the project, our goal was not to build a house on a plot, but to convert the plot to a space one could call home, an area that would exist as a work-life space for its inhabitants. The chosen concept allowed also an efficient use of current situation – deep and surrounded by walls of nearby houses.
The design is an outcome of a search for an optimal position for individual functions; the cross sections are rather reactions for its spatial context. Overlapping these two contexts created a series of interiors with a consistent geometrical logic, but different proportions and heights, sometimes surprising, due to being determined by an invisible factor. Continue reading Brzoza . Kwietowicz