Bruther . PELLEPORT . Paris (7)

Bruther . photos: © Maxime Delvaux

To develop a housing building in a typical Parisian (and suburban) context, means to negotiate with particular constraints, linked with the Parisian density. The aim is to take advantage of those rules to offer a welcoming and innovative image of domestic architecture. It is about dealing with the situation of the project. It means as many advantages (a crossed over plot between two streets, a difference of height of one full level) than inconveniences (narrowness of the plot, impressive adjoining buildings). Continue reading Bruther


BRUTHER . Global

Museum of the 20th century . Berlin

Bruther . Global . Museum of the 20th century . Berlin

Bruther . Global Arquitectura

The Site of Berlin relays on the extensive alluvial plain of Prussia, carved by a multitude of rivers, lakes, and inner seas, and surrounded by a extensive forest. A plain that man made their, by carefully installing towns, cities, roads, canals, forming a Landscape densely and intensely structured by those elements. This Site became a Place, once a chase field became a Park, streams became canals, and lakes became pounds, by the will of the emperor, the work of man, and the vision of Peter-Joseph Lenné: Tiergarten was constituted as urban space, at the doors of the city of Berlin. And this action, created a centripetal space, recreating the notion of central places determined by the island of Mitte, and the complexity of this geometric and geomorphic space. Continue reading BRUTHER . Global