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Museum HGSK . Furtwangen

Brandlhuber+ . Hotz+ Architekten . renders: © P O N N I E I m a g e s

The design for the Horst and Gabriele Siedle Art Foundation, located in Furtwangen in the Black Forest, is based on examining the existing as a deterministic design element. A three-story residential building on the company premises, once slated for demolition, is now to be the headquarters and museum of the Art Foundation. Similar to 0148 Rachel, the cubature of the old building will be cast in concrete and become the interior reference point of the foundation’s design. Due to the size of the cast, however, a technologically more complex process must be used in this project. Using photogrammetric scans, the building will first be recorded as a digital model and then translated into formwork matrices, into which the concrete will then be poured. The new reinforced concrete structure will reproduce the surface of the old building and become the supporting core of the new large wooden roof that will cover the foundation. Continue reading Brandlhuber+ . Hotz+



VRM . rocha

Brandlhuber+ . photos: © Erica Overmeer . + pinup

Working from the idea of the Four-Directional Module this beach house in Rocha, Uruguay, uses stacked maisonette units to optimize exposure to the sun and surrounding landscape. Perched on pilotis above a pool in a beachside pine grove, the house takes the 3.5 per 12 meter module as its primary building block, repeating and rotating it to create three maisonette units. The interlacing of living and working is realized via the two-story units whose first and second levels are stacked perpendicular to one another. The north-south orientation of the first module provides ideal light for work, while the east-west orientation of the second module—with morning light and evening sun—produces ideal exposure for living. While all three maisonette start with a similar spatial condition, they are designed to be used in different ways. For example, one unit has a large kitchen, while the second just has a few burners and the third only has an outdoor grill. In this way, the house suggests a variety of possible uses, such as hosting a visiting friend or temporarily downsizing to rent out the other units. Each maisonette unit can operate as an individual apartment, or they can be aggregated to form a single beach villa. Continue reading Brandlhuber+


Brandlhuber+ . Michalski&Wagner

Guardia di Finanza . Castellammare del Golfo


Brandlhuber+ . Michalski&Wagner . photos: © Erica Overmeer

The conversion of Guardia di Finanza in Scopello, Sicily, required the renewal of the building’s use permit. The former police station from the 1970s, owned by the Guardia di Finanza at the time—the Italian costums authority—as a sentinel to oversee the northern gulf, had been abandoned for several years, because it exceeded the maximum permitted building height. By adapting the terrain, the existing structure could be converted to a legal and usable status when it was purchased in 2015. Situated in a fertile delta, the building was overgrown with plants and trees, partly buried under the earth. Due the soil conditions—built half on sand, half on rock and next to a stream—the building sustained structural damages in the form of big cracks. Exposed to the environment, both the exterior and the interior suffered. Still, the structure, a classic concrete framework, was in a good condition, allowing all partitions and non-structural walls to be taken away. Also the wall plaster was removed, exposing the underlying concrete frame structure, with its tufa filling in between which allowed the previously invisible crack in the tuff stone to be repaired. Continue reading Brandlhuber+ . Michalski&Wagner