Sluishuis . Amsterdam

BIG . BARCODE ARCHITECTS . photos: ©️ Ossip Van Duivenbode

Located between the dense city and the vast landscapes on the edge of Amsterdam, the new Sluishuis is shaped by its complex surroundings at once close to large infrastructure and to small-scale urban settlements. The classical courtyard building is revitalized by two transformations; it fully embraces the idea of living on the water and appears different from every vantage point. Toward the water the block is lifted up, forming a large opening that brings water from the IJ Lake into the courtyard and brings daylight and views to the complex’s inner apartments. Toward the neighboring urban district the block steps down like a cascade of landscaped terraces, creating a natural transition from cityscape to smallerscale, natural surroundings. Continue reading BIG . BARCODE


Barcode Architects

Bartok . Arnhem

Barcode Architects . Bartok . Arnhem afasia (1)

Barcode Architects . photos: © Hans Wilschut

Barcode Architects has developed an apartment complex with urban allure and contemporary architecture that subtly fits into its context along the Bartokplein in the Arnhem city center. The project consists of 62 inviting urban dwellings with a varied commercial program in the plinth, further enhancing the liveliness of the Bartokplein. The apartments are accessed via a spacious and attractive courtyard. Continue reading Barcode Architects