Tiro a Pichón . Jabugo

baKpak . Museum of iberian pig . Jabugo (1)

baKpak architectos . photos: © Jesús Granada

Architecture can sometimes become an instrument of representation. Assign a way of inhabiting to a built form makes us speak about typologies. Make a center of innovation and promotion of the Iberian pig pushes us to an interesting search: Recover origins, traveling in time and traditions. Search in the “pig architectures”, from the sheepfold to cellar from the birth of the pig to maturity of Ham, as those two brackets which runs between life and aging Pig. Two typologies distant in time and form that frame the enigmatic and attractive world of Iberian pig and have been the key of our project. Continue reading baKpak



Air Traffic Control headquarters . Warszawa

EOVASTUDIO . BAKPAK . Air Traffic Control headquarters . Warszawa (1)


The headquarters of the Air Traffic Control of Poland is responsible for controlling the country’s air traffic, setting the control guidelines for Polish airports. The project, therefore, required an in-depth functional analysis due to the particular work conditions demanded by the organization. Air traffic controllers must develop their work in a specific space, in conditions of absolute concentration and with high levels of control access. Continue reading EOVASTUDIO . BAKPAK


Bakpak . EovaStudio

Multifunctional building . Rzeszow

Bakpak Architects . EovaStudio

Tradition in the modern world is our leitmotif in the work on this project. The Pottery Courtyard owes its name to the traditional ceramic handicraft trade fair for local artisans. This tradition today is just a memory. Through this project we want to restore life to this heritage, an important event for the region and the city. Continue reading Bakpak . EovaStudio