Layering Courtyard . Beijing

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“Layering Yard” is hidden in a traditional commercial block near the Qianmen of Beijing, with an area of about 500 square meters. The original architecture was a quadrangle courtyard commercial building with the characteristics of houses in the Republican period.Compared with residential houses, the houses here are bigger and higher. There is a row of arched doors and windows on the south along the street, and two-story houses on the north. Before the renovation, the housing structure was completely rebuilt; with the courtyard there were no doors, windows or walls, but exposed rough wooden structure beams. Continue reading ARCHSTUDIO


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Rongbaozhai Western Art Gallery . Beijing

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The project is located in Liulichang West St. in Hepingmen, Beijing. Liulichang is well known as a series of 2-storey traditional Chinese style housings with reinforced concrete structure and basements that sell various craftworks, artistry and antiques. Continue reading Arch Studio