Siza . Castanheira


Álvaro Siza . Carlos Castanheira ARCHITECTS . photos: © C.K.L. . renders: © Germano Vieira

We don’t need to play golf to design the buildings that are required where it is played.
But it is necessary to have an understanding of the functions, habits, some rules and also the requierments and expectations of the client and the players. Continue reading Siza . Castanheira


Alvaro Siza

túmulos y mobiliario de una nueva capilla funeraria .Santiago de Compostela

Alvaro Siza . + AV

Durante los últimos meses se ha desarrollado un proyecto de rehabilitación en la Catedral de Santiago que permitirá disponer de una nueva capilla funeraria, destinada a enterramiento de obispos. En este sentido, se ha acondicionado un antiguo espacio de almacenaje, conformado a partir del encuentro de diferentes muros de espacios colindantes, ubicado entre la capilla de la Comunión y la capilla del Cristo de Burgos. Continue reading Alvaro Siza


Álvaro Siza

Chapel . Miljana

Álvaro Siza Vieira . + archdaily

On 9 May 2009, a first-class cultural event took place in Zagreb, Croatia – Kenneth Frampton opened an exhibition of drawings by Álvaro Siza.

The Art Gallery was not large enough to accommodate all those who were interested – drawings were exhibited in which Siza sought the final expression for the chapel. Twelve years later, the chapel was finally executed for the investor, in a landscape of Hrvatsko Zagorje, within the park of a castle – the Baroque Miljana. Continue reading Álvaro Siza


Siza . Castanheira

CHIA CHING HOUSE | Taifong Golf Club . Chang-Hua

Álvaro Siza . Carlos Castanheira . photos: © C.K.L

The principal movement in the Game of Golf, a mix of power and elegance, and perfect balance. Expressing the entire process of design and construction of a Building is a common problem. There is something else, beyond the simple technical gesture or response to a brief, be that brief more or less complex. A Project cannot be measured by the first move, even though it is the fundamental move. It has to carry a great deal of energy, a great elegance, even if doing so discretely. An “a posteriori” analysis allows us to discern just how important that first move is, or the attitude, or concept, or the something which we don’t find easy to explain. Continue reading Siza . Castanheira