Tweeperenboom. Winksele

ALT . Tweeperenboom. Winksele afasia (1)

ALT – Thierry Lagrange . photos: © Johnny Umans . + divisare

Three volumes were added to the 19th-century house in the village of Winksele. A prismatic insert on the garden side is private (kitchen, bedrooms, storage room). An incision in the old roof and an addition to the side facade are specific interventions that introduce a new programme, the workplaces of the cooperative Tweeperenboom (supervisor of organisations and people in transition and breakthrough projects). The old bedrooms and attic will be linked to a new stairwell. The old garage becomes an entrance and an open space that merges into the public space during public activities. The cooperative works in its own spaces, but also makes regular use of the church on the other side or an old forge with a wild garden at the back. Continue reading ALT