Slice of the City . Nishinomiya

Alphaville . Slice of the City . Nishinomiya  (1)

ALPHAVILLE Architects . photos: © Toshiyuki Yano

Nishinomiya city is located between Osaka and Kobe. The site is fifteen minutes walk from the station in a residential district where the same size plots align. Since there is a district ordinance to order 50 centimeters set back from plot lines, there is about one-meter width space between houses. Every house fixes windows there, but curtains are shut, anxious about neighbors’ eyes. In the half-baked crowed town, we considered what is comfortable sense of connection to the city through daylighting. Continue reading Alphaville



Dig In the Sky . Osaka

ALPHAVILLE . Photos: © Shigeo Ogawa

At the center of Osaka, We designed a residence that is composed of three buildings sandwiching two courtyards, so as to bring light to a narrow site surrounded by neighboring houses on three sides. As each building will hold one-room-sized space on each floor, we decided to connect rooms with tube-shaped corridor and staircase that cross the courtyards.
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