Escolano . Steegmann

EL GUATEQUE . Barcelona

Escolano . Steegmann . EL GUATEQUE . Barcelona afasia (3)

Adrià Escolano . David Steegmann . photos: © José Hevia

El Guateque starts on a Frankenstein pre-existence: a mid XX century self-built house modified by a refurbishment to transform it into a single-family house left unfinished due to the 2007’s economic crisis, leaving a series of interior spaces without scale, form and hierarchy resulting from multiple modifications, amputations and demolitions. Continue reading Escolano . Steegmann


Escolano . Steegmann


Escolano . Steegmann . CASA CONXITA . BARCELONA (1)

Adrià Escolano . David Steegmann Mangrane . photos: © José Hevia . + divisare

Living on a terrace. The project is conceived according to the client’s main desire: a house turned towards the exterior. The operation, however, is not so much to open the views to the terrace as in providing the interior with attributes of the exterior, resonances of the landscape of the roofs of the city, often invaded by clothes hanging in the sun. Continue reading Escolano . Steegmann



viviendas ARRABAL . Málaga

DRST architects, Adrià Escolano + Gonzalo Gutiérrez

Nuevas líneas de investigación son necesarias para encontrar fórmulas que permitan gestionar la actual situación inmobiliaria, desde la tipología de vivienda hasta la forma en la que se produce el crecimiento de la ciudad. Algunos paradigmas han quedado obsoletos, otros necesitan ser modificados o adaptados a los nuevos modelos sociales. Continue reading DRST


Gutiérrez . Escolano

Periscopes . Europan 12 . Amstetten

Special Mention . design team: Gonzalo Gutiérrez . Adriá Escolano

As the capital and strategic center of the Mostviertel province, Amstetten yearns for a new urban development system, one that would enable a form of growth where economic and industrial development that includes urban and social concerns. A master plan for public space renewal could not only regenerate underused areas, but also serve, by increasing Amstetten’s visibility, as an attractor for new inhabitants and businesses.
Continue reading Gutiérrez . Escolano