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Europan 11 . NORRKöPING

gracias a  Collar . Eijo . Fernández-Abascal . Fernández-Abascal

The large-scale intervention is conceived as a stitching process, by which the Gamla Övägen is no longer a linear barrier.  The aim is to reactivate life in this outlying neighbourhood and the operation is materialized by a number of rings, which morphologically adapt to the landscape and the necessities. Conceptually perceived as glue drops the infrastructural rings will provide  the people from Norra Vrinnevi with the appropriate connection, as well as being equipped with hybrid functions in a must-see pedestrian path. The housing units are strategically placed responding to the social-age groups and the new uses. The optimistic intervention is understood as a  complementary node to Vilbergen, with an insight into new activities that can help attract young people to the area. Continue reading Collar . Eijo . Fernández-Abascal . Fernández-Abascal