Bocchini . Ballestrazzi . Gibertini

The Stones’ People . Monsanto

Bocchini . Ballestrazzi . Gibertini . The Stones' People . Monsanto afasia (1)

Mattia Bocchini . David Ballestrazzi . Giovanni Gibertini

Engraved into the slope of a great steep elevation, monsanto merges with a granite landscape. Known as one of the oldest inhabited places of Portugal, this village fits around behemoth rocks.

Wandering the cobblestone avenues, a visitor may eventually find himself climbing the path to the castle, heading to the remains of a walled fortress on the hilltop. Passing through its third gate and breaking free from its enclosed courtyards, the traveller may take the way to the ruins of st. Michael’s chapel. Continue reading Bocchini . Ballestrazzi . Gibertini


Schunke . Bugoslavska

Pape Bird Observation Tower . Nica

Schunke . Bugoslavska . Pape Bird Observation Tower . Nica afasia (1)

Christian Schunke . Anna Bugoslavska

The main aim of the design proposal is to accentuate the qualities of the stunning natural site on which it is to be located. It forms an unassuming space within the landscape – some kind of auxiliary construction to allow the visitors of the park a better view over the patches of grass and water extending around them. Continue reading Schunke . Bugoslavska


Babyn . Muzacz

Museum of Eastern Borderlands . Lublin

Babyn . Muzacz . Museum of Eastern Borderlands . Lublin afasia (1)

Ernest Babyn . Lukasz Muzacz

The project is located in Lublin, Poland in a historical Palace of Lubomirski Family dating back to the XVI century. It was originally designed by Tylman van Gameren, later changed by Enrico Marconi in the XIX century. It is currently a protected monument of architecture. Continue reading Babyn . Muzacz