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the mulberry refuge . montevecchia

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a25 architetti . photos: © marcello mariana

The Mulberry Refuge is the renovation and enhancement of a small agricultural building serving the surrounding land, in northern Brianza at the foot of the hills of Montevecchia.
Since the early 1900, this territory has been characterized by the production of silk and the mulberry farming, whose foliage was used as food for silkworms. Such cultivation was widespread in the farms and all around the hilly landscape. Nowadays, the land and the terraces are used for other activities such as hay meadows, pasture and corn crops and there are only a few mulberry trees left, one of which is right in front of the Refuge. Continue reading a25 architetti



Bressanella Agricultural Pavilion . Besana in Brianza

a25architetti . Bressanella Agricultural Pavilion . Besana in Brianza afasia (1)

a25architetti . photos: © MARCELLO MARIANA

Bressanella Agricultural Pavilion is located in Besana, in Brianza, which is one of the most densely populated areas in Italy and Europe, where land has been consumed to commercial and residential uses at sky-high rates. In this context, a small farm has yet decided to bet on sustainable and ethical values, against mainstream trends being part of the Short Food Supply Chain thus enabling a closer relationship between producers and consumers. Therefore the key concepts of the project are state-of-the-art technology, sustainability and a “short” production-consumption configuration. The pavilion has a simple architectural shape, in which two volumes slightly rotated between them follow the natural configuration of the land, supported by a basement that also acts like an “edge” for the rear slope. Continue reading a25architetti