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We were asked to design the new Gastronomy & Hospitality School next to a palm garden in the extensive campus of Universidad Católica del Peru. We wanted to make the building as compact as possible, taking up the least amount of land, but also concentrating the program for maximum interaction between students. Three stories high and a basement, host all the needed program of classrooms, workshops and chambers conveniently supplied by sophisticated equipment and ducting. Continue reading 51-1


51-1 Arquitectos

Pachamanca House , Lima
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Pachamanca is an ancient Peruvian technique of cooking under the ground with stones and species. It is a spiritual offering of respect to mother earth (in quechua language, pacha means ‘earth’ and manca means ‘pot’)
A couple asked us to design a house for them -professional chefs- and their daughters. Continue reading 51-1 Arquitectos