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Milstein Hall . Cornell AAP . ITHACA

OMA . Cornell AAP . photos: Matthew Carbone . William Staffeld . Mike Moyer . Cornell AAP

Occupying four distinct buildings at the northern periphery of Cornell’s Arts Quad, the College for Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP) is currently a fragmented area, dislocated from the energy of university life. The new Milstein Hall – a 14,000m2 complex containing much-needed studio, exhibition and crit space, an auditorium and a new Fine Arts Library – is conceived not as a symbolic, isolated addition to the campus but as a connecting structure: a large elevated horizontal plate that links the second levels of Sibley and Rand Halls and cantilevers over University Avenue, reaching towards the Foundry building. Where a car park once stood between Sibley and Rand, a contiguous, multi-layer system of buildings and plazas will unite the disparate elements of the AAP, creating a vibrant public space adjacent to the campus’s most beautiful feature, just to the north – the Fall Creek Gorge.
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