Sergison Bates architects

Cultural history museum . Ronne

photos: Sergison Bates architects

The architecture of the re-organised museum is intended to provide an intense and abstract representation of the character of the town with its clusters of buildings around open courtyards. Strong and simple forms, reminiscent of ‘smokehouses’ and ‘rundkirkes’ present on the island, are proposed which are adjusted in accordance with the scale of streets and houses close to it to make a new, but reconcilatory, architecture. Continue reading Sergison Bates architects



Town Hall . Tonsberg

photos: a-lab

Urban Concept
The given site is a controversial location for the new City hall. The site is in fact a leftover of the urban fabric; it has no clear identity and definition. In front is Farmand market, a square that is crying out for something that provides a clear character and dynamism, both locally and in relation to the city.
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Freelandbuck . Rob Henderson . Studio Lynn

Technicolor Bloom

photos: Technicolor Bloom

Can construction enhance the sensuality of digitally-designed architecture rather than compromise it? A kaleidoscopic installation built from 1400 uniquely cut, flat plywood panels, Technicolor Bloom was first installed at Sliver Gallery, Vienna and shown at the Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna and the Beijing Biennale in 2008.

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