Royal Collection  museum . Madrid

source: coagpontevedra . Mansilla+Tuñón . urbanity

From an urban perspective, the project is based on two fundamental principles: on the one hand, the Royal Collection  museum should be part of the natural-artificial landscape of Madrid’s western edge, and on the other, it is necessary to maintain the open, public nature of La Almunena and preserve views of the parks and gardens beneath the western lip of the city. The Museum, in its linear structure as an inhabited containment wall, tries to reduce the objective (physical and subjective (collective subconscious) environmental impact on the monumental plinth of the Royal Palace. Continue reading Mansilla+Tuñón

Zamponi . Nanni

Silk Road Map competition

source: newitalianblood . authors: lucia zamponi . filippo nanni

42°54’42.22″, 89°32’29.53″ between Turpan and Kamul, in a depressed area under Houyan Mountain, China.To overturn the linear system’s logic of a connection infrastructure into a new meaning for re-orientation, able to represents the contemporary nomadicity, it has to create a reference system to understand a territory and its genius loci, crumbling any predetermined way. Continue reading Zamponi . Nanni