8 BLACKS . Kurzeme

source: courtesy of NRJA . photos: Gatis Rozenfelds, NRJA

Initially planned as a holiday house, at the end of the design process – socially active family’s living house complex at the River Venta near Kuldiga. Continue reading NRJA


Lubell . Fernández

Buoyant light

source: velux . design team: Claire Lubell, Virginia Fernández

The Canadian Arctic is a territory defined by the vastness of the landscape, the dominance of rock, rugged vegetation, snow and ice, and abundant fauna. Within its vast area are scattered remote communities whose lives depend on the natural cycles for subsistence.
The solar cycle is a tool for understanding other changes in the land–the fluctuating tides and currents, the rising temperature, the melting of the land and ice. But the land of the midnight sun also plunges Arctic communities into darkness for up to four months of the year. Continue reading Lubell . Fernández