Atelier do Cardoso

Castle competition . Arraiolos

photos: Atelier do Cardoso

Quem conta um conto acrescenta um ponto. Com um programa específico que define três tipologias de utilização totalmente distintas, na nossa proposta de intervenção prevalece uma perspectiva de unidade projectual que, por si só, responda a questões como modo de uso e circulações. Continue reading Atelier do Cardoso


Ecosistema urbano

Temporary urban extension in a former landfill . Maribor

photos: holcimfoundation

The area in the district of Pobrezje [Maribor] is occupied by the municipal landfill, presently in a phase of renaturalization and ecological rehabilitation, a process that will take an unknown amount of time. We took this temporary circumstance as a leit motif of the project, understanding that the temporary processes are highly related to the architecture. A new landscape is built artificially, above the existing flat land, a temporary landscape, that creates a new level where it is possible to construct light structures. Continue reading Ecosistema urbano


Sergison Bates architects

Cultural history museum . Ronne

photos: Sergison Bates architects

The architecture of the re-organised museum is intended to provide an intense and abstract representation of the character of the town with its clusters of buildings around open courtyards. Strong and simple forms, reminiscent of ‘smokehouses’ and ‘rundkirkes’ present on the island, are proposed which are adjusted in accordance with the scale of streets and houses close to it to make a new, but reconcilatory, architecture. Continue reading Sergison Bates architects