arb Architects

Cultural and sports centre . St. Moritz

source: arb Architects

arb architectes, en partenariat avec RMI (Risk Management & Insurance Brokers AG) sont mandatés par Troika Sports AG pour concevoir un centre culturel et sportif dans le quartier de Ludains, en bordure du lac ‘San Murezzan’ à St-Moritz. En plus des infrastructures sportives, culturelles et gastronomiques, 12 logements sont prévus en toiture afin de rentabiliser l’investissement. Continue reading arb Architects


Studio Velocity

Little one-room house with a curve . Nagoya

source: courtesy of Studio Velocity

Little shop of 41㎡ in Nagoya city.
The site has an elongated shape with a width of about 9m and a depth of 20m.
While the front road is relatively wide, with a sidewalk, one might get a feeling of oppression due to the small size of the site surrounded as it by shops and houses of from 2 to 3 stories. Continue reading Studio Velocity



Le Monolith. Lyon

source: MVRDV
Le Monolithe, an energy efficient mixed-use urban block located in the development area Confluence at the southern tip of Lyons Presquîle, has reached completion. The structure with a total surface of 32.500 m2 combines social housing, rental property, a residence for disabled people, offices and retail. Continue reading MVRDV

FG+SG Fotografia de Arquitectura

últimas edições . latest editions

source: FG+SG Fotografia de Arquitectura

In response to constant requests over the past decade from parties interested in photography and architecture, we have decided to create the ideal conditions for providing a portfolio of images by Fernando Guerra which will be available to order at affordable prices. For the launch of this new project, 3 collections of images have been made available in two formats. With a limited edition of twenty prints, the selection of images will be regularly expanded. The images will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the author and contain a white Digigraphie seal in the lower right hand corner. Worldwide delivery is available. Special thanks goes to Epson for certifying us with Digigraphie quality, guaranteeing not only the quality of the prints, but also their longevity


Estudio Entresitio

CMS San Blas, Madrid

origen: gracias a  Estudio Entresitio . fotos: Roland Halbe . más: bienalx . entresitio

El centro de salud de San Blas es un edificio que desde su inicio en la fase de concurso ha tenido clara la idea o premisa de  “edificio desubicado”, nos parece una forma eficaz y rotunda de desarrollar un programa funcional sanitario en un entorno poco relevante.
Para acentuar el valor espacial interior recurrimos a la lecorbuseriana idea de “conciliación de contrarios”. Se antepone la imagen hermética y pesada al exterior al espacio abierto y ligero del interior. Continue reading Estudio Entresitio