Distance of fog house . Tokyo

source: courtesy of StudioGreenBlue

This house is called “Distance of Fog” and it is situated in the suburbs of Tokyo.

The project site is located on a cul de sac with seven other single family homes.
Cul de sac’s in Japan often are used as a common space for the families that live on them, and they are often used as children’s playgrounds or places of gathering.
But unfortunately, most suburban Japanese homes tend to be disconnected to the street. Continue reading StudioGreenBlue



K66 . Šmartinska District . Ljubljana

source: SADAR + VUGA

The K66 site is the first development of the Šmartinska masterplan and its design approach should be a catalyst for the future growth of the entire area. Set in a time of crisis, opportunistic speculative development is unsuitable. Instead our proposal is to provide added value and meaning to the community. Continue reading SADAR + VUGA

Kazuyo Sejima

Inujima Art House Project

source: Judit Bellostes . Benesse Art Site Naoshima . more photos: Iwan Baan . model : bruno.nihon

This project continues from the Seirensho project opened in April 2008, and is being undertaken in the residential areas of Inujima. Art director Yuko Hasegawa and architect Kazuyo Sejima are creating three galleries and the Nakanotani Gazebo, which will transform and revitalize the scenery of the island. The works of artist Yukinori Yanagi will also be exhibited.
By contrast with the Seirensho, which is presented against the backdrop of Inujima’s historical landscape, the Inujima Art House Project will introduce art spaces into daily life, and will transform the scenery of the island’s residential areas. 

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