John Pawson

Design Museum . London

John Pawson . Design Museum . renders: © Alex Morris Visualisation . photos © Luke Hayes

The Design Museum today unveiled plans to create the world’s leading museum of design and architecture at the former Commonwealth Institute building in Kensington, London. Designs for the site have been produced by two of the world’s most innovative architectural practices: John Pawson has redesigned the interior of the Grade 2* listed building and OMA has planned the surrounding residential development. Continue reading John Pawson


Robert Breer

69 . 1968


Robert Breer’s career as artist and animator spans 50 years and his creative explorations have made him an international figure. He began his artistic pursuits as a painter while living in Paris from 1949-59. Using an old Bolex 16mm camera, his first films, such as Form Phases, were simple stop motion studies based on his abstract paintings.

Breer has always been fascinated by the mechanics of film. Perhaps his father’s fascination with 3-D inspired Breer to tinker with early mechanical cinematic devices. His father was an engineer and designer of the legendary Chrysler Airflow automobile in 1934 and built a 3-D camera to film all the family vacations. After studying engineering at Stanford, Breer changed his focus toward hand crafted arts and began experimenting with flip books. These animations, done on ordinary 4″ by 6″ file cards have become the standard for all of Breer’s work, even to this day.
Jackie Leger . awn Continue reading Robert Breer




courtesy of BudCud

On the beginning, Leeuwarden village was located by an inlet that in fact was a lake. The big water determined the city sprawl. Then the lake was changed into grid of canals, and fields. The city extended parallel into dense grid of streets and canals. City block became the mane typology. Later on it sprawl towards the former so called Middelzee and the city spirit was lost. With our strategy, we want to revive the primal nature of the site. Adjusting canal grid once again, by a simple gesture of squeezing it into a bigger volume, the statement is made. The new lake is created, so that outstanding features describe Leeuwarden. Again. the site is an ideal place for water lovers, for whose affection the big lake is more appropriate than practical, but characterless narrow irrigation canals. The site character now is distinctive. It is similar to a big city block. It is as natural as a region of Fryslan should be, directed into the phenomena of something between urban and rural lifestyle. Continue reading BudCud