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Un año después, en junio de 1977, aprovechando su estancia en París para realizar Sous-sols de París, Matta-Clark rindió un homenaje a su hermano Batan con la pieza Rendez-vous, Sous-sol (DescendingStepsfor Batan),una performance ritual celebrada en la Galería Yvon Lambert que consistía en ir cavando cada día un pozo con escalones en el sótano de la galería durante el tiempo que duró la exposición. Continue reading e n g a w a

Alvaro Siza Viera

A Pool in the Sea. In conversation with Kenneth Frampton

Alvaro Siza Viera . A Pool in the Sea. In conversation with Kenneth Frampton  afasia (5)

+ Del tirador a la ciudad

This book documents a unique experience of a journey by Álvaro Siza Vieira, Vincent Mentzel and Kenneth Frampton to the early work of Siza in Porto.

This book includes a vast collection of descriptions, drawings and photographs by Vincent Mentzel about the project, as well as a writing by Siza Vieira himself and other texts. Continue reading Alvaro Siza Viera


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Oriol Vilanova, Bruselas

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Richard Stampton

on PanovScott

Richard Stampton on PanovScott afasia (2)

Richard Stampton . PanovScott . photos: © Brett Boardman

PanovScott's Centripetal project is an excellent example of their carefully transformational work. lt flourishes within the fine grain aesthetic, cultural and functional parameters specific to its inner-city Sydney location and existing terrace house typology. Of great interest to me, is the elegance and frugal beauty of the rear facade.

Continue reading Richard Stampton


LACMA: Suicide by Architecture

By Joseph Giovannini

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+ Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB)

...the result was going to be a rebuild that, for the first time in American history, drastically reduced the size of the museum it replaced... The Govan Shutdown means more than just four and a half years of construction. The replacement structure will shrink LACMA and demote the largest encyclopedic museum west of the Mississippi into a one-story exhibition hall floating on pylons 20 to 30 feet above ground. With far fewer galleries and a drastic reduction of both square footage and wall space for hanging art, the new structure on the East Campus commits the museum to contraction rather than expansion, contrary to all other museum projects across the United States over the last generation — and perhaps ever.

Read the full text at LARB.: https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/lacma-suicide-by-architecture/