Herzog & de Meuron

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Tacheles site development . Berlin

Herzog & de Meuron . Am Tacheles . Berlin afasia (1)

Herzog & de Meuron . renders: © bloomimages . © xoio -facade closeups-

The cornerstone for the project “Am Tacheles” in Berlin was laid today. The area is one of the last gap sites in the city center and will accommodate a mix of different uses in the future: residential, offices, gastronomy and cultural use in the heritage-protected Tacheles building. Continue reading Herzog & de Meuron


Brandenberger Kloter

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new school . Pfeffingen

Schulhaus Pfeffingen

Brandenberger Kloter Architekten . photos: © Basile Bornand

The new school year in the Swiss village of Pfeffingen (Baselland) began in August with a new elementary schoolhouse. The new building by Architektenpartner Oliver Brandenberger and Adrian Kloter brings together the requirements set by the harmonisation of the Swiss educational system and the concept of a simple, child-oriented interior design. At the same time the new schoolhouse consolidates the existing buildings into an urban ensemble. Continue reading Brandenberger Kloter


Campos Costa

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Cultural Center . Quarteira

Campos Costa . Cultural Center . Quarteira afasia (11)

Campos Costa Arquitetos

The concept for the Centro Cultural e Educativo de Quarteira is a gate for an urban park that we proposed to the Northeast Quarteira, and a clear opportunity to change its paradigm towards a different approach to the ecological dimension of the Algarve urban context.

The park is for us a part of the urban strategy and the building was conceived as a part of this system. We created a building that is a system that seeks an harmony with the form of the territory, since architecture can’t be indifferent to the urban context. Continue reading Campos Costa


Tham & Videgård

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Stenhöga Office Building . SOLNA

Tham & Videgård . Stenhöga Office Building . SOLNA afasia (1)

Tham & Videgård . photos: © Åke Eson Lindman . + archdaily

The new office buildings in Solna Strand were developed around the idea that the most sustainable buildings are those which remain in use the longest. Robustness is crucial to longevity, so solid and reliable construction meth­ods are fundamental for a sustainable architecture. Continue reading Tham & Videgård