07 David Chipperfield

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Carmen Würth Forum . Künzelsau

David Chipperfield . Carmen Würth Forum . Künzelsau afasia Simon Menges (1)

David Chipperfield Architects . photos: © Simon Menges

The Carmen Würth Forum, a culture and congress centre designed by David Chipperfield Architects Berlin for the Adolf Würth company in Künzelsau, southern Germany, is now complete with the opening of the second construction phase. The extension adds a flexible conference area and an art museum with foyer and café – Museum Würth 2 – to the concert and large events halls, which opened in 2017.

Featuring key pieces of modern and contemporary art from the Würth Collection, the museum opens on to a sculpture park via a glazed belvedere. The diverse range of functions further establishes the complex’s conceptual idea of a forum and allows the building to be open continuously.
Museum Würth 2 will open to the public on 28 June. Continue reading 07 David Chipperfield


08 Lenschow & Pihlmann

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House on Fanø . Nordby

Lenschow & Pihlmann . House on Fanø . Nordby afasia (1)

Lenschow & Pihlmann . photos: © Hampus Berndtson

Fanø’s longhouse has been the inspiration for a new single-family house on Fanø an Island in the Wadden Sea. The typology is characterised by its elongated shape where the barn and habitation were traditionally placed under a continuous roof.

To protect against the harsh west winds of the island, they are oriented from east to west. They are simple and robust in their detailing and clear in their use and application of materials. The house can be seen as a new interpretation of the traditional long house typology. Continue reading 08 Lenschow & Pihlmann


09 LAN

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Mininum-security prison . Nanterre

© Cyrille Weiner


The Nanterre site is located in a very diverse urban area, surrounded by single-family homes, the large majority from the 60s, and certain industrial buildings. The project aims to reconstruct a form of urbanity and to relate the architecture to the city through several forms: a facade instead of a wall, a more fluid transition between the interior and exterior, distribution of volume that links the various scales. Continue reading 09 LAN



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Holiday home . Gemeses

ATELIERDACOSTA . Holiday home . Gemeses afasia Tiago Casanova (4)

ATELIERDACOSTA . photos: © Tiago Casanova

In the following excerpt from Herberto Hélder’s latest book continuum, his poundian “punti luminosi” illuminate with particular power a simple architect who designs a house. It is necessary to read, read once more and conclude that one can only wish to perceive by slowly chewing each syllable, as if having lunch, instead of the soup and bread of that day. Isn’t the project and the planned and thought architecture “the love of things in their future time?”; isn’t the “absolute home” the “childhood home”? It seems obvious now but I would not have gotten there on my own, with all this splendor of the terminological precision. The design of a house had never made me so suddenly recall this universe of Herberto until the day I received this order, and not so long had passed since his death: this design could be something of ephemeral, specifically in wood, – it would consciously last no longer than 20, 30 years -, should be conceived thinking of a childhood still in its early stages and of the family life, and its construction should, last but not least, be fast, very fast, as in a race against the clock disputed with these two last”space-time”. Continue reading 10 ATELIERDACOSTA