Machado Vaz

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Detached House . Afife

Machado Vaz . Detached House . Afife afasia (1)

Guilherme Machado Vaz . photos: © José Campos . video: © Building Pictures . + domusweb

The house is built in the north of Portugal, in a rural settlement that was established at the foot of the hill and expanded towards the plain, which is used as arable land, and extends to the sea.
The land is separated from a chapel by a walkway, and it is located at a lower level. It is long (about 60 x 18m), and there is a gentle slope. The chapel stands on a base of granite walls with its entrance facing west, and it imposes itself in that area. Its presence had an influence on the project, particularly as regards the design of the volume, its implementation in the space, and the definition of the constructive details. Continue reading Machado Vaz