Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

Arvo Pärt Centre . Laulasmaa

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos . + EAL

We admire the purity of the mathematical laws through which Arvo Pärt is capable of generating powerful poetical emotions by means of the simple permutations of a limited number of sounds. Just like those musical structures that reflect one theme in another – a Spiegel im Spiegel, or a never-ending story – we imagine the new building as a geometric pattern, originated in a repeated pentagonal form, which will contain the existing pines in courtyards of variable dimensions. All the large trees may be preserved: not a single pine shall be teared down. Continue reading Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos


Herzog & de Meuron

Helsinki Dreispitz . Basel

Herzog & de Meuron . helsinki dreispitz

Helsinki Dreispitz, a project initiated and developed by Herzog & de Meuron, comprises an archive and apartment building on Helsinki Strasse at the Dreispitz area in Basel. The warehouse will contain not only the substantial archives that have accumulated since the establishment of Herzog & de Meuron in 1978 but also a collection of artworks acquired largely from artists with whom we have worked for many years.
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Rijnstraat 8 renovation . The Hague


OMA, BAM and ISS, working as the consortium PoortCentral, have been awarded the contract for the renovation of Rijnstraat 8 – formerly the office of the VROM Ministry in The Hague. Continue reading OMA


Sauerbruch Hutton

M9 Museum . Venice

Sauerbruch Hutton . m9museum . model photos: © Ian Bitter . + archdaily

The project proposes the construction of a building for a new museum integrated with its building mass to the urban system of Mestre. Its placement improves the pedestrian network in the city, creates and connects new spaces which carefully and attentively become part of the larger context. Seen from one side the museum works as a catalyst to regenerate the city centre whilst from the other it functions as a frame focussed on optimising the pre-existing situation. Continue reading Sauerbruch Hutton