Asatrián Olivares Sanchis Sancho

Lighthouse sea hotel . Siracusa

Asatryan . Olivares . Sanchis . Sancho . Lighthouse sea hotel . Siracusa  (1)

Sevak Asatrián . Álvaro Olivares Peralta . Esther Sanchis Llopis . Eduardo Sancho Calzada

The spectacular landscape invites one to stay, to carry out the minimum possible intervention to adapt it to the human use. A set of volumes born from the lines of the existing lighthouse are proposed, to showcase it in aim to allow the architecture and Murro di Porco’s enviroment to become a unique place. Continue reading Asatrián Olivares Sanchis Sancho


Peter Zumthor

LACMA expansion . Los Angeles

Peter Zumthor . LACMA expansion . Los Angeles  (1)

+ archdaily

LACMA redesign is moving. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has received a major boost to its fundraising efforts for its proposed $600 million expansion project, in the form of a combined $75 million gift from art collector and museum co-chair Elaine Wynn and Los Angeles billionaire collector A. Jerrold Perenchio. Continue reading Peter Zumthor


AgwA . de vylder vinck taillieu

Sport and leisure centre . Waasmunster

AgwA . de vylder vinck taillieu . Sport and leisure centre . Waasmunster (1)

AgwA . architecten de vylder vinck taillieu

The competition brief mentioned a fairly large programme in an ambigious context. The question of implementing 8000 m² of cultural and sport programme in a context that is neither part of the centre of Waasmunster nor the countryside surrounding it arose the idea of an enclosed entity. ‘Munster’, derived from the Latin monasterium, not only refers to the impressing abbey by Dom Van Der Laan a few miles north of the site but, more importantly, mentions the notion of a place that is cut off and yet intertwined with its surroundings. A contextual isolation. We opt for a so-called perfect circle in which the program – a set of ordinary, industrial white boxes – is absorbed and at the same time mirrors the urban figure of the church and its immediate surroundings. The routes inside and outside the building interact with the three gardens that offers focal as well as structuring points in the ensemble. In this way, a typology that is too often trivially conceived and implemented suddenly becomes an complex set of possibilities. Continue reading AgwA . de vylder vinck taillieu


Pierre Hebbelinck


Pierre Hebbelinck . MEMORIAL MUSEUM . Mons (1)

Pierre Hebbelinck Atelier d’architecture . photos: © Spiret&Prévert . + de architect

The urban planning solution is based on the observation of Mons, a fortified garnison city, which will experience a major turning point in its development with the disappearance of its last walls. These lost fortifications still make an impact on the mode of organisation in the city. The Water Column Machine is a major indicator, a symbol of an industrial society concerned with improving quality of life. The heritage value of the building exceeds its aesthetic and technical quality. The opacity of the extensions, designed to promote introspection on the content, contrasts with the light space of the main part of the building. The ascending path is clear and fits within a spatial and sensory perspective that allows visitors to devote themselves solely to what they are facing. Continue reading Pierre Hebbelinck