University Campus Plaza . Okayama

SANAA . + Okayama University

The construction of the new Campus Plaza, completed in February of 2014, is part of a campus improvement project centered around the University Union. The Campus Plaza, a welcoming open space paved with pink bricks, is located on the north side of the University Union. The pergola (originally meaning a grapevine trellis), designed by SANAA, has a roof that provides shade and creates a place of relaxation. When the surrounding trees grow to their full height, their shade will complement the pergola to create a cozy forest-like space. Continue reading Sanaa



Genicart district Urban Renovation . Lormont

LAN Architecture . photos: © Julien Lanoo, 2015 LAN Architecture

The Génicart district, located near the centre of Lormont and adjacent to the town’s main urban and interurban network, consists primarily of collective and social housing. Comprising 10% of the city’smunicipal territory, it accommodates roughly 10,500 people and 50% of Lormont’s population. This ambitious urban and social renovation project is organized around four different residences, located on the South sector of the district: Saint-Hilaire (387 units), Leroy (114 units), La Boétie (105 units) and Villon (104 units). The project has established a residentialisation programme. Continue reading LAN


Socas . Clair


Juan Socas . Murielle Clair

La place centrale, connectée à la route de Lavigny par le chemin des Peupliers, est un lieu de centralité du quartier L’Oche et La Combe, elle sert ainsi aujourd’hui de prolongement extérieur du salon de thé, du restaurant et de la chapelle présents sur le site. Le projet a comme ambition de dynamiser l’animation de cet espace. Continue reading Socas . Clair


LAUD Architects

Deck art space . Singapore

LAUD Architects . DECK . photos: © Daniel Swee . + WAF

DECK is an independent art space launched in 2014 with the mission of supporting and nurturing the community of photography enthusiasts in Singapore and Southeast Asia. This modular site acts as a connector between art institutions, and offers a platform for people to celebrate photography in the heart of Singapore. Driven by the belief that photography is for all, it welcomes professionals and amateurs to come together, mingle and be inspired. Continue reading LAUD Architects