new kindergarten . Prangins

PIERRE-ALAIN DUPRAZ  . new kindergarten . Prangins  (1)

PIERRE-ALAIN DUPRAZ . photos: © Thomas Jantscher

The new Prangins kindergarten is conceived as one big house that has been placed on a sloping site. The cruciform structure resulting from the interlocking volumes allow it to have a special relationship with the neighbouring ensemble. The four volumes, which are mutually staggered by a third of each unit’s floor height and interleaved, make the building appear to be smaller and visually less obtrusive. Continue reading PIERRE-ALAIN DUPRAZ



Greencity Offices . Zurich

GigonGuyer . Greencity Offices . Zurich (1)

Gigon/Guyer . Greencity

Greencity Ingres is a compact building with seven floors and 10,000 m² of usable space
A spacious, two-story foyer invites guests to enter the building from two sides. The ground floor has areas for a restaurant (indoor and outdoor), bar, kitchen and building management. In addition to 235 guest rooms. The upper floors also include six conference rooms and a fitness area. Continue reading Gigon/Guyer