Samuel Levi Jones

Love is Complicated . 2016

Love is Complicated . 2016

+ Galerie Lelong

Samuel Levi Jones is inspired by questions of authority, representation, and recorded history. His ongoing practice centers on physically undoing objects associated with systems of power and control. Jones often rearranges deconstructed books into grid-like compositions that expose their flaws and question their assumed command of the truth. Continue reading Samuel Levi Jones


James Turrell

Second Wind . 2005 – 2009

James Turrell. Second Wind . 2005 – 2009 afasia (1)

photos: © Simone Bossi . + VISUAL. ARCHITECTURE

Second Wind 2005 is an architectural piece, located underground, in which viewers enter an inner pyramid, via a tunnel. Inside is a stone stupa, surrounded by a pool. Stupas are circular domes used in Buddhist architecture, and whose shape and position have the effect of making the cosmos appear closer. The passageway into the stupa leads to a room with a circular hole in the ceiling, open to the sky. Continue reading James Turrell


Delcy Morelos

Moradas. 2019

Delcy Morelos . Moradas. 2019 afasia (1)


In her work, she expressively explores the concept of the body as a container for human emotions, which are violent in many cases. Metaphorically, body fluids and skin tones evoke impulses and tensions that surpass the rationality that strives to contain them. Continue reading Delcy Morelos


Pia Camil

Here Comes the Sun . 2019

Pia Camil . Here Comes the Sun . 2019 afasia (1)

+ Blum and Poe

Named after the eponymous 1971 album by Nina Simone, Mexican artist Pia Camil’s project Here Comes the Sun (2019) extends the artist’s use of secondhand T-shirts as a visual medium for thinking about the ways that global consumer culture, contemporary trade routes, and immigration impact society. Continue reading Pia Camil