Alicja Kwade

Trans-For-Men 11 (Fibonacci) . 2019

Trans-For-Men 11 (Fibonacci) . 2019

+ 303 Gallery

Working with concepts of nature, science, philosophy and perception, Kwade has become renowned for her ability to succinctly question and sublimate natural phenomena, challenging our most basic logical assumptions. Continue reading Alicja Kwade


Mar Arza

Armario de aristas . 2020

Mar Arza . Armario de aristas . 2020 RocioSantaCruz afasia (1)

+ RocioSantaCruz

The walk around for the distinct art pieces shown at RocioSantaCruz gallery depicts the synonymy between an apparently clear concept such as chance, and a continuous fixed system that conditions the management of fortunes. Continue reading Mar Arza


Peter Märkli

Drawings and Small Tables

Peter Märkli . Drawings and Small Tables afasia (1)

+ Betts Project

Each time I see a new set of drawings made by Peter Märkli, whether they are made as design drawings for a project, or as speculative elevation studies, or ‘language drawings’, I am thrilled and amazed again by the freedom and delight that they have been made with. It is a mystery to me (and perhaps to Peter) – just how and where does he start when making one of these drawings? The recent language drawings that have been selected for this exhibition are as exciting, bold and full of charm as all those that came before. Continue reading Peter Märkli