Harland Miller

Up As A Superposition . 2022

+ White Cube

Miller’s exhibition title, ‘Imminent End, Rescheduled Eternally’, is typically dark, suggestive and poetic, pointing to circularity and a process of building and dissolution that might also be a metaphor for his own painterly practice. In his new works, evolving from themes present in earlier series, Miller focuses on the language of paint; its materiality, seductive properties, colour range and styles of application.
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Emily Nelligan

7 AUG 2012 . 2012

+ Alexandre

Nelligan’s drawings reveal the shadowy world of Great Cranberry Island in Maine, a place that singularly captivated the artist from the time she completed her studies at Cooper Union in 1944 until her death in 2018. For over 70 years, she and her husband, the artist Marvin Bileck, spent their summers on the island—the only location where Nelligan would draw. Continue reading Emily Nelligan