Gizela Mickiewicz

The shape that reflects my failure . 2022

+ Stereo gallery

Mickiewicz is an artist interested in inner life, but her work is not confessional in nature. Instead, it is driven by the need to generalise and mutualise. Focused on creating physical sculptural equivalents of mental states, in her latest exhibition, she distinguishes stress, fear and anxiety – feelings that are usually unvoiced and intrinsic. Mickiewicz, therefore, is looking for community in situations that are quite elusive and complex. She is also interested in how feeling translates into bodily gesture and movement, in how body position communicates an internal state. Such observations are the starting point for works that are formulated in their own original language and extremely saturated with content. You can almost read them, and that’s how they make sense – by relating to your own experiences and perceptions and understanding their meaning.
Stereo gallery