Orma Architettura

Hotel A Cheda . BONIFACIO

Orma Architettura . photos: © Giaime Meloni . + archdaily

The Hotel A Cheda finds its inspiration in the typical vernacular constructions called “Baracun” in the Bonifacio region. Thus, the project reveals like a long curved stone wall that houses the hotel suites. The materials used also go in this direction by displaying a mineral dominance, intrinsically linked to the landscapes of the region.

Coming from a short circuit, the project is truly focusing on promoting the local stone industry through collection work near the site. Collected and then transported, the stones made it possible to directly create the facades of the Hotel. The walls are made of bricks insulated from the inside, with lime plaster.

The project is organized around a central patio allowing the desert of each room while respecting privacy. Conversely, the perimeter of the shape undulates in order to offer quality private outdoor spaces for each of the rooms.