National Archeological Museum . Athens


The proposal for the National Archaeological Museum is to highlight the significance of science in archaeology, the great value of its collections, and the fundamental role and nature of the museum in our time today and in the future.
Tracing back the memory of the museum, words in acts of burying, concealing, revealing start to emerge.

The slit-like opening becomes the new entrance of the NAM that offers a unique sense of approach, being drawn to the beginning of the underground exhibition journey. The spatial experience through the museum journey would be sensorial, embraced by earthy, warm, tactile texture of the envelope. A gradient of light would wash the way from outdoors all through the subterranean obscurity. The natural light ingresses from the perimeter slit-like clerestory would be carefully controlled and curated to accentuate the exquisite quality of artifacts.

National Archeological Museum, Greece – Athens
Pre-Concept – Competition Proposal

Lead Design Architect: Kengo Kuma And Associates ( Yuki Ikeguchi – Yasemin Sahiner – Nicolas Guichard – Sara Mucciola – Jeanne Krings)
Executive Architect: K-Studio
Engineer: Buro Happold
Landscape Architect: MASU Planning
Videographer: AVH. Atelier Vincent Hecht
3D Visualisation: Observations