BAAS . Grupa 5

biomedical research center . warsaw

BAAS Arquitectura . Grupa 5 Architekci . renders: © Playtime

The building turns around a large central courtyard, which becomes the main space of the project. A natural and visual garden, which builds a particular microclimate, warmer in winter and cooler in summer, with trees, vegetation and flowers that will build a changing scenery according to the seasons of the year.

The standard floor plan (levels 1, 2 and 3) is built around this patio in which four vertical cores are located in each of the corners. Two of them integrated into the volume and the other two formalizing singular volumes in the courtyard.
This scheme allows the organization of the program in bars with the maximum possible natural lighting.
These bars are built by a simple scheme of modular wet labs (which can adopt the necessary size depending on the project they work on) directly connected to the work offices (dry labs), with a corridor and a strip of common equipment in the middle. The laboratories are always oriented north.
This simple scheme of functional bars is surrounded by a system of terraces both on the exterior perimeter and in the patio, which allows you to go outside from all the spaces, favoring ventilation, sun protection in summer as well as the maintenance and cleaning of the facade.

On the ground floor, this “ring” is transformed, opening completely on one of its faces to show access to the garden and the hall. Crossing the garden to enter the building, places the visitor little by little in a relaxed attitude that moves him away from the street to enter an atmosphere of silence and concentration, granting a certain dignity to the institution.

On this ground floor there are three program bars. A more public one, the conference rooms, with direct access to the garden that surrounds the building and also to the patio; another with the workshops and the cafeteria with a terrace in the courtyard garden; and finally the administration open to the more private garden at the back.
A double access ramp allows delivery trucks to reach the basement and provides this level with generous natural ventilation.

BAAS Arquitectura (Jordi Badia + Àlex Clarà + Jero Gutiérrez) + Grupa 5 Architekci
Images: Playtime