Wister Architekten

Basement conversion Grundstrasse . Rebstein

Wister Architekten . photos: © Wister Architekten

The property on Grundstrasse in Rebstein is located in an elevated position and has an impressive view over the Rhine Valley. The previous basement or base floor of the apartment building from the 1920s was converted into an apartment and supplemented with a raised terrace. The roofing of this terrace can be used by the apartment above as a generous balcony area. The new rental apartment is complemented by an external stair access, which emphasizes the symmetry of the house by mirroring the existing basement staircase.

Roundings in the concrete slab connect the terrace area to the stair landings on both sides, linking the terrace to the adjacent interior spaces and thereby strengthening the relationship between interior and exterior spaces. The same theme is taken up in the basement partition wall. Within the apartment, this achieves flexible access to the spaces, while still allowing access to the basement rooms and the storage space under the stairs. Two decisive precautions form the basis for long-term residential use of the basement. One is the dehumidification of the walls in contact with the ground, the other is the application of an interior mineral thermal insulation plaster. The latter is an ecologically designed insulating and dehumidifying plaster on a purely mineral basis.