Cesare Fedrizzi

Filling the Blank. An Open Sequence of Spaces . Brussels

Cesare Fedrizzi

The urban blocks of Midi – Lemonnier have been densely developed and filled with secondary elements that respond to ordinary needs, without character or architectural quality. In this context, the redefinition of an L-shaped urban void becomes the opportunity to reconsider a way of living and working in the midst of urban blocks within pre-existing blind walls.

The building, which occupies the entire lot, utilises perimeter patios to highlight the different possibilities of creating quality spaces for working and living, even in the depths of the block. A series of spaces permeates from different directions through axis following the hierarchy: public | collective | intimate areas, whilst always overlooking inner patios. Multiple compositional scenarios can be easily implemented depending on the location of the building. Imagined as a cultural centre, lofts can be composed from a single unit to the entire building from one day to the next.

Spaces are given, arrangement is free.