6a . Dan Pearson

Walk Up Village . Melbourne

6a architects . Dan Pearson Studio

Updated scheme of Walk Up Village:

Walk Up Village brings together social, cultural, commercial and planted spaces in a building that is much more public than we are used to. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean hilltop town, the pair of buildings at Walk Up Village are linked by an ascending network of open-air bridges, terraces, streets and arcades — a densely planted ‘ravine’ cutting up from a new laneway, creating a public walk from the ground to a rooftop garden of native grasses, climbers and wildflowers.

More than 3,000 predominantly native plants will populate Walk Up Village, mimicking mountain landscapes where species differ across altitudes. Plants are encouraged to occupy terraces, grow up balustrades and over parapets, creating pockets of natural beauty and tranquillity.

Resisting the hermetic environment of a commercial tower, Walk Up Village offers access to outdoor space from all levels, encouraging chance encounters in the vertical that more commonly occur on the street. Attention to the small elements – a shaded place to sit, a water fountain, a balustrade to lean on – allows the building to be a place to dwell, spend time, perhaps lose a day.

Collingwood has a long history of industry and making. Workspaces at Walk Up Village prioritise the diverse needs of the small and medium creative businesses that continue this tradition. The project supports Collingwood’s local economy with adaptable spaces for creative work, small-scale production, learning, wellbeing, cultural expression and social connection.

Molonglo has commissioned London-based 6a architects and landscape architects Dan Pearson Studio to design the project. Spaces will be available from 2025.