small house and artist studio . Carmen De Viboral

LCLA . photos: © Luis Callejas

LCLA releases a few images of a new house.

The small house and artist studio is a brick construction partially sunken in a beautiful sloped plot. The initial excavation served as formwork for the foundations and floor, which was poured directly over the cut clay soil. This type of unstable soil is typical of this region, where there is also a strong tradition of pottery and clay craftsmanship.
The space serves as a small house and gallery for an artist that decided to move close to his studio and ceramic kiln. The space was planed for exhibitions and work.
The old studio is a traditional farm house, which after the addition of the new space will transition to function exclusively as painting studio and gallery.

The new space follows the old farm house’s roof line, it is linked to the old structure by a brick path carved in the slope. The roof has similar proportions to the farm house, but it is only 18mm thick clad in aluminum.

The water from the roof irrigates a large wet garden that will surround both houses, the single element for bracing the long wall doubles as gutter for the future garden. Most trees surrounding the house were planted five years ago in anticipation of the new space, therefore most of them have reached the same heigh of the roofline by the time the project was completed.