dmvA architecten . photos: © Stijn Bollaert

Domain De Hoge Rielen is an accommodation center where multifunctional activities and innovating nature educational initiatives are organized for the youth. dmvA does the renovation of some pavilions that will be used as a multifunctional (theater) hall, sleeping accommodation and as a base camp for the ropes course. Inspired by the natural landscape, the remains of the military structures and the cultural-educational layer, these buildings are designed from the perspective of the youth: They should function as a meeting point that inspires and encourages discovery and reflection.

The original military sheds are thoroughly studied so that the new elements fit into the spirit of the domain in a contemporary way. When designing, accessibility, acoustics, energy-efficient and material conscious building come first. The approach to the pavilions was developed in an intensive participatory process with the client and the end user.

Client: Departement CJM
Location: Kasterlee
Realization: 2017 – 2022
Design team: Tom Verschueren, David Driesen, Eva Vanderborcht, An-Sofie De Backer
Structural engineer: Archimedes
Engineer Techniques: Archimedes
Photography: Stijn Bollaert