Lacroix Chessex

House in La Capite . Vésenaz

Lacroix Chessex Architectes . photos: © Olivier di Giambattista

This project is located in Vésenaz at Route de la Capite 159. The strip-shaped plot is typical of parcels in the area, and covers a surface of 464 m2 (60 m long and 8 m wide). Facing south-east / north-west and featuring a steep slope (8m), the plot provides the house – located on the highest point – with clear views on the lake and the Jura from its front garden. The street-side facade overlooks the protected area on the Route de la Capite.

The work involves renovating the existing building and adding an extension on two levels. Our approach is three-pronged, and aims to:

⦁ Restore the essence of the building’s original historical character and its architectural and spatial qualities.
⦁ Accentuate the privileged position of the garden and surrounding landscape by adding an extension creating living spaces in harmony with the existing spaces.
⦁ Propose technical and constructive solutions that enable a maximum of pre-existing elements to be preserved, while improving the general comfort and functioning of the future home.

Localisation Vésenaz
Date 2020 – 2022
Type Mandat direct
Maître d’ouvrage Privé
Collaborateurs Camille Cochet, Ameline Depover, Matteo Ciccarelli, Jérôme Prillard,
Abdullah Mistofa Abdulahi