Enzmann Fischer

Dreifachsporthalle . Eschenbach

Enzmann Fischer Partner . photos: © Karina Castro

After five years of planning and preparation, the new sports facility at Dorftreff Eschenbach is the largest infrastructure project in the history of the municipality.
The previous multi-purpose building is now expanded with a modern and contemporary extension as sports facility with a grandstand, having sufficient capacity for training, competitions and events that can be held parallel to the sports activities.

The multifunctional building offers space for up to 2,000 people for major cultural or social events. From the start of operation, 200 additional indoor hours per week will be available for leisure and school sports. In view of the size of the project, this high level of planning accuracy is quite remarkable: the entire facility is designed to be disabled-friendly and creates more than 150 additional underground and above- ground parking spaces, the hall stands on a foundation supported by 150 micro piles and around 165 cubic meters of wood from local production and over 5,000 cubic meters of concrete were used throughout the complex.