met by fala


Invited by DAIDALOS, ‘Fala met Siza’ for a conversation ranging from flying columns to the colours from Bruno Taut. The resulting article is now available on DAIDALOS’ website. Photos by Virginia de Diego. Full interview:https://www.daidalos.org/en/articles/falameetssiza/

FALA: Do you like to return to buildings you designed years later?

ÁLVARO SIZA: Generally speaking, I don’t. Because, in most cases, they have become very perverted. There are some where I would like to go back but I don’t because they were never built, which is the reality for most of an architectural firm’s output.

One example is the international competition for the Alhambra. Another is when I designed the Faculty of Letters Library in Salamanca, right bang in the centre of the university…and it wasn’t built. I remember the Prado Walk (Paseo del Prado), of which only a third was built – because then the mayor changed. And so on. I even forget some, kind of a self-defence mechanism.