Joana Escoval

We do not work alone. To do the work and let it go . 2022

+ Galeria Vera Cortês

Joana Escoval’s entire oeuvre is permeated by a meticulous exploration of the impermanence, interconnections, and synergies that take shape in a body of work reduced to essential components. Transient and finely balanced, her sculptures invite us to walk along the edges of human consciousness, enabling a perception of our environment that is more sensed and experienced than looked at. Named after a poem by Gu Cheng, this exhibition refers to the power of the wind to be in contact simultaneously with all the surfaces it touches, translating its pressure into movement and sound. The wind achieves the ultimate dream of connecting terrestrial surfaces and all bodies in unison. It immerses us in the discrete currents that flow through a system of ‘vital technologies’ composed of metal and clay sculptures kissed by the blaze.
Joël Vacheron