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Toni Catany Photography Centre . Llucmajor

Mateo Arquitectura

The house where photographer Toni Catany was born in Llucmajor (Majorca) is one of the spaces that will be home to the Toni Catany International Photography Centre, with the aim of creating a centre for the interpretation of the photographer’s work and dissemination of this artistic discipline, as well as conserving the archive and collection of his work.

Josep Lluís Mateo, winner of the ideas competition organised by the Toni Catany Foundation and the Government of the Balearic Islands, faces the challenge of establishing a link between the houses of photographers Tomàs Montserrat and Toni Catany, where the centre is to be housed, and converting the two spaces into one.

His proposal presents a spacious courtyard leading into the installation which, in the middle of the symbolic arm that joins and unifies the two houses, converts the former private domesticity represented by the livestock pen located here into an entrance to the public space that is to be the centre housing the photographer’s artistic legacy.

The Toni Catany Foundation, created in 2014 to further the photographer’s desire to set up an International Photography Centre, currently houses the exhibition Cossiols (Flowerpots). Time Portrayed, bringing together the photographs taken by Toni Catany in the summer of 1985 in the house where he spent his early years, many of them using as their setting the pen that Mateo will transform into the main artery through the centre devised by the artist.