John Miller

Blip . 2022

+ Maxwell Graham/Essex Street

John Miller has surveyed the varied panorama of social life since his first solo exhibition at White Columns some 40 years ago. His work has represented reality television, dating advertisements, lunch breaks, rock and roll, Angela Davis, sports, fruit, and Yvonne Rainer — with whom he once studied. Miller freely uses diverse materials and media. Likewise, he resists a singular authorial trademark or style. And yet, his work is widely influential, and there is no mistaking the sensibility of something approximating John-Millerism. One of the only subjects which never appears in his work is Miller himself. Perhaps because Miller questions art’s claim to transcend its subject matter, this consistently steady mode of impersonality has come to define his practice. His work conforms neither to the mocking irony of postmodernism nor the overween
Maxwell Graham/Essex Street