Henrik Becker


Henrik Becker Architekt . photos: © Hannes Heitmüller

On the site of the oldest merchants’ quarter, Lübeck’s founding quarter, which was heavily destroyed in World War II, gabled townhouses are being built in a self-contained design on the original plots of land. Their density and mixed use are based on historical models.

The examination of the merchant’s house, a typical Lübeck development, and the requirements for building in the core area of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck was a core focus of the study. The residential building at Fischstraße 18 takes up historic floor plan structures and makes them usable for contemporary living in the city.
The double-story first floor is typical of merchant houses, as well as the narrowing of the floor plan in the pointed roof space. A building depth of fourteen meters allow for very specific floor plan designs with over-height rooms, gallery situations, and living spaces extending from façade to façade. The result is a high density of spatial situations in five different, individual apartments.