Chipperfield . Fujimoto . OMA

K11 ECOAST . Nanshan

OMA . David Chipperfield Architects . Sou Fujimoto

A one-of-a-kind commercial complex worth 10 billion yuan, which was recently officially named K11 ECOAST, is scheduled to open by the end of 2024. It will be the new harbor-front cultural retail destination and circular economy trailblazer in the Greater Bay Area.

The project, located in Prince Bay, Nanshan District, was jointly developed by New World Development Company Limited (the parent company of K11) and China Merchants Shekou Holdings in Shenzhen. It has a gross floor area of 228,500 square meters.

K11 ECOAST is K11’s first flagship project in the Chinese mainland consisting of the K11 Art Mall, K11 HACC multi-purpose art space, K11 ATELIER office building, and the Promenade.

The inspiration for the name “K11 ECOAST” combines the concept of green development together with the conservation of waterfront resources. The complex is dedicated to promoting a sustainable, circular lifestyle and integrating the concept of environmental protection through the power of creativity, culture, and innovation.

Blessed with unique geographic advantages in winding promenades and breathtaking seascapes, K11 ECOAST will impress visitors with its natural beauty and the extraordinary experiences it provides.

Upholding the core values of art, people, and nature, the project has partnered with 50 world-leading artists and architects to create what will be among the most aesthetic and impactful of China’s seaside art areas.

The project’s team of architects includes David Chipperfield, and Sou Fujimoto.

The architectural masters delve into the elaborate balance between architecture and nature, skillfully harmonizing the architectural design with the coastal landscape, birthing a new hot spot and destination for creative culture and eco-friendly life in the Greater Bay Area.

The project will create a compelling space for artistic communication through a collection of contemporary masterpieces from around the world, and act as a grand stage for up-and-coming Chinese artists to stimulate creativity, enrich urban living, and establish an inspirational cultural and artistic hub.