CoA arquitectura


CoA arquitectura . photos: © César Béjar

Tierra Tinta is a residential development that seeks to involve its inhabitants and users in the wine experience with lots between vineyards, in a concept of total integration with the landscape and the cycle of the grape.
The commission consisted of a pavilion of rapid execution and low budget for the promotion of the housing development, pre-sale events, tastings, etc., which in turn served as an example of the materiality proposed for the other buildings inside the development.

An open space to the north and west overlooking the vineyard and Cerro del Muerto. Closed to the south and east as sun protection and at the same time as the back to a service bar, and an appendix for the bathroom core.
A structural grid of angles at the corners and steel squared tubes at the base, columns and header was defined, which supports the secondary light structure for the corrugated steel roof panel.
In order to close the space and at the same time respond to the grid, a modular panel was designed. It consists of a square steel tube frame that on one side has a steel corrugated sheet and on the other wood planks, which depending on the case some of these modules are fixed and some pivot.

The pivoting panels regulate sunlight, ventilation and views that are lined with the vineyard.
The materiality was then reduced to rusty metal, inked pine wood and dark gray granite for the service bar and sink.