reiter . LP

3 houses . Saalfelden

architektin iris reiter . LP architektur . photos: © David Schreyer

The contrast between closed and open urban space, on either side of the ‘city edge’ in Lofererstraße, the change between urban space and landscape, and the interplay of narrow and wide lead to an ensemble of 3 houses with a green center.

The urban typology of the vistas after each house to the south is sharpened according to the local potential and developed into a center. An elongated and two point-shaped structures shape the appearance. The eastern house acts as a transition to the alley, the elongated structure behind it as the end of the new building. An alley-side entrance connects the basement with the underground car park and two garden apartments adequately to the city. Above this, a square forms the center for meeting and lingering with a view of the city. Generous canopies on both sides of the street strengthen the place and form an adequate base zone with 3 entrances that are related to each other. The compact stair cores and vertical connections with external reference as an address. A twisting and blocked jumping back of the building fronts reacts to the built neighborhood, avoids a direct opposite and creates maximum exposure and different views of the fascinating surroundings.

The qualities of each of the 26 residential units (2, 3 and 4 rooms) are defined by 2-3-sided exposure, deep loggias in interplay with open terraces and diverse orientations. Generous glazing in combination with loggias and terraces rhythms the building structure. The aim of the facade materials made of high-quality structural plaster in combination with anodized aluminum panels at zero level is to have a sophisticated, elegant ensemble in focus.